Thanks for your interest in AdvancedSkeleton.

For independent film makers and students working from home, AdvancedSkeleton is free.
For commercial purposes, a single license of $3000USD, grants your company rights to unlimited usage of AdvancedSkeleton.

As a license holder, your company, and the users of Advanced Skeleton at your company,
get prioritized when it comes to support. Both in terms of assistance, and in terms of request for features to be put in. As a license holder, you also get access to development releases, ahead in time of public releases.

Rigs created with AdvancedSkeleton, does not rely on any tools or script to used for animation. So outsourcing rigs to animators, do not require animators to have any tools or scripts installed. But if you wish to provide outsource animators with tools generated with Advanced Skeleton (e.g. selectors, pose-libraries, etc), you are free to do so. As a license holder you are free to distribute such tools to your outsource partners.

The license fee is a company single fee only. No charge per seat or user. Unlimited number of AdvancedSkeleton copies can be used freely with the company with the single license.

If you are a individual freelancer, or your company only employ a single person, yourself. then you qualify to get the “Individual freelance license”. The price for this license is $750US

The AdvancedSkeleton Non Profit license is for educational institutions, and is a annual license fee.

If you have any questions, or require issuing of a purchase order, please contact us:

Or for purchasing now, use the payment links below:

Permanent license:

AdvancedSkeleton, Commercial license $3000.00
For Companies and Studios

AdvancedSkeleton, freelancer license $750.00
For individuals.(not for companies with more then 1 employee )

Yearly license:

AdvancedSkeleton, educational institution license $900.00
For schools and universities