Is AdvancedSkeleton free?

You can download any try out a fully working version of AdvancedSkeleton from the Downloads page. However, if you wish to use Advanced Skeleton on any commercial projects (anything other than private home use) then please ask the Studio where you work, to obtain a commercial license

What if our Studio purchases the AdvancedSkeleton license?

To purchase a license, use the Payment option on this website, or you can email, and request a Quote form made out to your company, which also includes other payment options such as Bank wire transfer. Once the payments have been made, a “Welcome AdvancedSkeleton customer” email will be sent to you. This email will have the invoice for the purchase made out to your company. It also includes links for downloading the latest version of Advanced Skeleton. As a license holder, you get access to the Beta versions. Also, it has the contact detail for the priority support, where you can email us, and send us any files, should you be encountering any problems?

The commercial license has no expiration, meaning no need for renewals, all future version are covered.

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